buying property in malta

​The Malta property market has an excellent track record in high investment returns. EU citizens may purchase their primary residence without requiring any permits. However in order to acquire a second property in Malta (unless this property is in a Special designated area; SDA), a permit is required if you have not resided in Malta continuously for at least 5 years.     

retirement in malta

The Malta Retirement Programme grants a special tax status for eligible EU, EEA and nationals of Switzerland. Foreign source income remitted to Malta would be taxed at a flat rate of 15%, subject to a minimum tax of Eur7,500 (add. Eur500 per dependent). An immovable property of min. Eur275,000 (or rented at min. Eur9,600 pa) is required (lower thresholds apply for certain areas of Malta). 

malta ordinary residence 

A  scheme for EU and EEA nationals and nationals of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland, looking to move to a reputable, safe and tax efficient jurisdiction. Financial independence and a local residence is required. Once the permit is obtained, the person may seek employment and carry out business in Malta.

highly qualified persons

​A flat rate of tax of 15% for employees (EU and non EU) with suitable expertise and holding certain senior positions in the financial services or remote gaming sectors. A minimum annual gross salary of Eur78,210 is required, together with other requirements such as having private health insurance cover and not being domiciled in Malta.

employment in malta 

We offer a work permit application service through which an employment license is issued to the employer for that specific person, to take up employment in Malta. Suitably qualified foreign persons with experience to carry out the job required (and difficulty to find suitable EU or local persons) would be more likely to obtain the work permit in Malta.  

global residence programme

A beneficial tax status for Non EU Nationals wishing to take up residence in Malta. Any foreign income received in Malta would be taxed at a rate of 15%, subject to a minimum amount of tax each year of Eur15,000. A residence with a min. value of Eur275,000 (or rented at min. Eur9,600 pa) is required (lower thresholds apply for certain areas of Malta).